How Much Does a Green Cheek Conure Cost? ( Price Guide in 2024)

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There are many reasons why people want a Green cheek conure. This small-size bird is intelligent, easy to handle, friendly and docile, ideal for families, beginner-friendly, and easily trainable. However, have you ever thought about Green Cheek Conure price? How much Does a green Cheek Conure Cost?

How Much Does a Green Cheek Conure Cost?

In 2023, a normal Green Cheek conure costs $250-$600. However, mutations of green cheek conures like pineapple green cheek conures, turquoise green cheek conures, cinnamon green cheek conures, yellow-sided green cheek conures, Suncheek conures, and moon cheek conures are expensive and cost $800-$1500. In addition, this is only the cost of buying a bird. You can also get a green cheek conure at lower prices of $100-$200 from adoption shelters or free of cost from rescue organizations or people who are willing to give up their birds for free of cost.

There are other charges like a cage, cage shelter, cage liner, toys, perches, feed and water bowls, diet, pet insurance, or health check-ups. Of course, these additional charges are less than large parrot species but still, they will cost you some bucks. 

In addition, green cheek conures need daily attention for 1-2 hours. So, make sure you have enough budget and time to fulfill the responsibilities of owning a green cheek conure.

One-time Buying Cost of Green Cheek Conure

You have 3 options when it comes to getting a Green Cheek conure: buying it from an aquarium, adopting it from an adoption center, or receiving it free from a previous owner or organization. 

Among these 3 options, breeders are the most expensive, adoption centers come in second, and finally, organizations that give up birds for free.


The breeders are experienced individuals who have been running the business for many years. These individuals possess the knowledge and experience necessary to raise a healthy parrot. 

To keep green cheek conures healthy, they provide large, safe, and secure cages, a well-balanced diet, and regular health checks. Ultimately, this will lead to an increase in the price. A normal green cheek conure will cost you $250-$600 from a breeder.

Adoption Center

The centers are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and work to rescue all types of animals, including parrots. You might be able to find one at the adoption centers because Green Cheek conures are very common. 

The price will be less than breeders. A Green Cheek Conure at an adoption center will cost $100-$200. Here are a few reputable adoption centers:

  • Petfinder
  • Adoptapet
  • Mickaboo
  • Birdrescue
  • Fosterparrots
  • Parrorthope

Free Of Cost

People who have never owned a bird before get fascinated by online videos of birds talking, dancing, and doing funny antiques. However, they are unaware of the responsibilities that come along with owning a pet bird. 

Eventually, they get tired of birds and want to give up their birds. As a result, these birds end up in organizations that provide birds free of charge. 

It is possible to find information about these organizations in your area by searching online. There is a possibility that you may receive a Green Cheek Conure for free from these organizations.

 Cage and Accessories Cost

Cage ($100-$150): A cage for the Green Cheek Conure should measure 24 inches wide, 24 inches tall, and 24 inches deep with 3/4 bar spacing. In this manner, your bird will have sufficient space to roam freely within a cage and may extend its wings as required.

Cage Cover ($10): Covering the cage is an excellent way to provide an environment similar to that of the wild. A cage cover protects your pet bird from light and draft, allowing him to sleep comfortably.

Cage Liner ($10): A cage liner keeps your pets’ environment dry and comfortable. It works by drawing moisture away from the fleece and into an absorbent layer. Moreover, the additional sides prevent your pets from digging underneath it. By doing so, you ensure that your pets are well-cared for in their cage.

Cleaning Supplies ($10): Since birds feed and defecate within their cages, cleaning supplies are necessary to maintain a clean environment.

Toys and Perches ($10): Perches and toys are essential cage accessories that provide perching space and keep your pet bird occupied and stimulated.

Food and Water Bowls ($10): To prevent food waste, you should also provide food and water bowls.

Nail Clippers ($5): You also need nail trimmers to trim your conure nails to prevent injuries to you and your bird.

Microchip ($30-$50): Microchipping your pet bird is important if he or she escapes your home. This will help you in finding your lost pet bird.

Spray Bottles ($5): Conures, like all birds, enjoy bathing, and a spray bottle can perform the same task effectively.

Maintenance and Ongoing Costs (Per Month)

Grooming and bathing ($10-$30): Like all pets, conures also require grooming and bathing to maintain a healthy appearance. It is recommended that you schedule grooming and bathing appointments 2-3 times per month.

Diet ($20-$30): Diet is one of the most significant monthly expenses associated with owning a pet. Green cheek conures need a well-balanced diet for a longer lifespan. For large birds, it will cost a considerable amount. However, the cost of feeding small birds such as conures is somewhat affordable.

Emergency Care ($500): You never know what is going to happen in the next moment. Even with all safety measures and facilities, conures may encounter emergencies, which may require you to spend a lot of money to solve them.

Treats ($10): When training your pet conure, treats are essential.

Replacing Cage Accessories ($30): Conures can chew or bite toys, perches, and bowls. Sometimes these products are useless. Therefore, you must replace them whenever necessary.

Veterinary Cost ($50) per visit: Regular avian vet visits are important to diagnose diseases early and provide immediate treatments.

Pet insurance ($10-$15): Some owners find insurance plans better to cover the health expenses of their pets. Check out insurance plans available online to determine whether they are suitable for you.

Total Monthly Cost of Owning a Green Creek Conure

The total monthly expenses for a Green Cheek Conure, including veterinary care, medication, food, grooming, and emergency funds, typically amount to approximately $400. However, if the bird remains healthy, the monthly expenses can significantly reduce to around $60.

This is particularly true if you have already purchased toys and playthings for your pet and have insurance coverage in place.

After covering the initial costs and in the absence of emergencies, Green Cheek Conures require less food and care compared to larger bird species. As a result, they prove to be an affordable and manageable option for a pet bird in your home.

Total Annual Cost of Owning a Green Cheek Conure

The total annual cost of owning a Green cheek conure is in the range of $600-$1000. Raising a Green Cheek Conure annually may not incur substantial costs, particularly if you have insurance coverage.

Nevertheless, anticipate some expenditures throughout the year, and if she’s valuable to you, why not invest in her well-being?

Investing in the appropriate diet is necessary. However, purchasing food in bulk can lead to more economical prices, which can then be frozen for future use. If you live close to a farmers market, you might have some luck in acquiring affordable vegetables for your bird’s diet.

A bird’s care and medication can be quite expensive, particularly if a frequent veterinary visit is required. Having a reliable insurance plan can help manage these expenses.

As long as you purchase high-quality products, acquiring toys and addressing minor repairs will not be a challenge. Additionally, Bird toy stores offer reduced prices and special offers, so you can offset toy expenses.

Tips for Saving Money When Purchasing and Caring for Green Cheek Conures:

  1. Seek out breeders offering competitive prices when acquiring a Green Cheek Conure. While price negotiation may be an option, prioritize the bird’s quality and well-being.
  2. Opt for homemade toys for your conure. Regardless of the materials used, your feathered companion will still enjoy them.
  3. Like other parrots, Conures tend to waste food. To reduce feeding costs, be mindful of the amount of food you provide and avoid excessive wastage.
  4. Consider buying a used cage instead of a new one, as it tends to be more budget-friendly. Pet stores often have a selection of used cages available at affordable prices.
  5. Save on treats by making your own using fruits and vegetables, instead of purchasing them from the market.
  6. Regularly schedule veterinarian visits for your parrot, at least every three months. This practice helps monitor your bird’s health, ensuring it remains free from diseases.


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