How Much Does a Sun Conure Cost? (Sun Conure Price Guide in 2024)

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The sun conure is a brilliant-colored parrot with a bold and expressive personality. These little clownish birds are very popular worldwide. In case you want to buy a sun conure you must be wondering about the Sun Conure price. So, how much does a Sun conure cost?

In 2024 the price of a sun conure is $300-$800. This price is based on the prices of sun conures listed for sale at Petco and bird breeders. However, the price of a Sun conure mutation like the red factor sun conure is $1500.

Remember, these are just the one-time cost of bringing a bird home. In addition, you have to purchase a cage setup which includes a cage, cage shelter, cage liner, cleaning supplies, food and water bowls, perches, and toys.

Apart from that you have to pay ongoing expenses like vet visits, food, pet insurance, emergency care, replacing cage accessories, and grooming. All these expenses will increase your budget. Remember owning a sun conure is not just a financial commitment.

As I mentioned earlier, sun conures are very bold, and expressive, and demand a lot of daily interactions. So, you have to commit a lot of time to your conure.

In this article, I will discuss everything related to Sun Conures’ costs. So if you are planning to buy a sun conure, read this article to have an understanding of expenses associated with buying and caring for a sun conure.

One-Time Buying Price of Sun Conure

If you have decided to get a sun conure, now you must be wondering where you can buy a healthy sun conure. Well, you have 3 options.

  • Breeders
  • Adoption Center
  • Rescue organizations


Breeders are experienced individuals with years of experience raising healthy Sun Conures. They know what to feed, how much to feed, husbandry requirements, and hygiene. This experience will ultimately increase the price of the birds they raise. Sun Conures from a reputable breeder cost $300-$800.

Breeder/Store NameLocationPrice Range
Birdbreeders.comVarious Locations$500 – $700
Brenda’s BirdsOnline Store$745 – $849
Parrot StarsNot specified$500
Arizona Parrots CoveCoolidge, Arizona$650

Adoption centers:

If you already own a pet you must have heard of adoption centers. Adoption centers have different types of pets for adoption at low prices. Usually, owners abandon these birds, or the owner has died.

 So, if you get a Sun Conure from an adoption center, you not only have to pay less price but also give a home to a poor soul. On average, a sun conure from an adoption center will cost around $200-$400.

Rescue organizations

Sometimes birds escape or owners cannot afford the expenses of raising a sun conure. They abandoned these birds to rescue organizations. These organizations usually give pets for free.

Cage and Accessories Cost

Having purchased a Sun Conure, I hope that you do not intend to leave it open in the house. If you recall from my article on Sun Conures, I clearly stated that Sun Conures require a large cage for safe and calm environments.

Leaving them open in a room or house all day will increase the chances of accidental injuries. Apart from that, Sun Conures in the wild thrive a lot on social interactions between flocks and flying around in search of food. This keeps them physically and mentally healthy.

In captivity, you have to provide perches and different types of toys to keep them engaged and active. Furthermore, you will need food and water bowls, a caged shelter, a cage liner, and cleaning supplies.

Some people also place mineral blocks inside the cage. You also have to microchip your Sun conure and need a need clipper. Along with the bird, you must pay for all these things. Here is a price breakdown of these things:

  • Cage: $50-$300
  • Cage shelter: $20
  • Cage liner: $15
  • Cleaning supplies: $15
  • Mineral Block: $5
  • Microchipping: $50-$100
  • Food and water bowls: $10
  • Perches: $10
  • Toys: $30

On-going and Maintenance Costs of Sun Conure

Now you must be thinking that the expenses part has ended. But not yet. After buying a bird, its cage, and cage accessories you have to maintain a monthly budget for raising your pet bird. For example, you have to feed your Sun Conure a diet daily. This is a considerable monthly expense.

Treats are needed when training your pet. And what about your pet’s health? Obviously, you have to bring your parrot to an avian vet at least once a month for a general checkup. Another popular option is pet insurance. But in the end, you have to pay. In addition, you have to replace toys and other cage accessories.

This is because Sun Conures loves to nibble everything under their radar. They chew and break toys and perches. So, you have to replace these things accordingly. And do not forget about emergency scenarios. A pet bird can get into an accident just like a human.

These emergencies will severely affect your monthly budget. While these are less expensive than large parrots like Macaws, the owner should be prepared for them. Make sure to set aside a portion of your budget for emergency bird care. Here is a price breakdown of these expenses:

  • Diet: $20-$30
  • Treats: $5
  • Vet Visit: $60-$80 (Per Visit)
  • Emergency Care: $200-$800
  • Replacing toys and accessories: $50-$200 (Per Year)
  • Grooming: $15-$20

Total Monthly Cost of Owning a Sun Conure

The total monthly cost will be determined after adding up all the monthly expenses. Without any emergency situations, the total cost of owning a sun conure is between $80-$150 per month. The amount may increase by $250 to $700 in the event of an emergency.

Total Annual Cost of Owning a Sun Conure

There is a variation in the total annual cost of a Sun conure. In the event that things go smoothly, it may be as low as $1000. However, in an emergency, the amount can rise to $2500 or more.

Factors Affecting Sun Conure Price
Source of BuyingAs I said earlier, you have 3 options to get a Sun Conure. If you buy from a breeder you have to pay more. However, if you get one from an adoption center or a rescue organization the prices will be lower.
Color mutationsWhile sun conures come in $300-$800, a red factor sun conure will cost more. In general, you will have to pay $1500 for this mutation.
HealthBird health affects its price tag. A bright, active, and playful bird will demand a high price. On the other hand, a dull, depressed, and lethargic bird will be available at low prices.
Hand-raised birdsIn general, a hand-raised bird will command a higher price than a bird that has not been tamed or raised by hand.
AgeDue to the difficulty of raising a young bird, young birds will be available at a lower price than adults.

Tips on Saving Money When Buying and Raising a Sun Conure

If you are looking to bring home a Sun Conure, it is wise to find breeders offering competitive prices. However, remember, your priority should always be your bird’s well-being and quality. Homemade toys are a hit with these feathered buddies, so get creative with the materials!

Conures can be messy with their food, so be mindful of portions to cut down on feeding costs. A used cage can be a budget-friendly option, and pet stores often have some at affordable prices.

Save on treats by making your own using fruits and veggies – your conure will love it. And don’t forget regular vet visits, at least every three months, to keep your parrot healthy and happy.

Is a sun conure a good pet?

Sun Conures make delightful companions for the right pet owners, celebrated for their radiant plumage, spirited demeanor, and deep connections with humans. Their intelligence allows them to learn various tricks, and their sociable nature necessitates consistent interaction and attention from their owners. Nevertheless, potential owners should be aware of certain challenges.

These birds are notably vocal, producing loud calls that might be bothersome, particularly in settings like apartments or homes with noise-sensitive individuals. Additionally, Sun Conures can exhibit possessiveness, possibly leading to conflicts with other pets or unfamiliar individuals.

To cater to a Sun Conure’s needs, it’s essential to provide them with an adequately spacious cage, ideally measuring at least 30 inches in width, depth, and height for a single bird. Enrichment is vital, so incorporating a diverse array of toys will help keep them engaged and stimulated.

Nutritionally, they benefit from a well-rounded diet consisting of quality South American pellets complemented by fresh fruits and vegetables. Optimal living conditions for Sun Conures include maintaining temperatures between 65–80 degrees Fahrenheit in a draft-free, well-illuminated space, away from other pets.

Regular socialization and attention are paramount for the well-being of Sun Conures. When deprived of interaction, they might develop behavioral issues such as excessive screaming. From a health perspective, annual veterinary check-ups are recommended for these birds.

Indicators of a Sun Conure’s good health encompass bright and clear eyes, unobstructed nostrils, an intact and symmetrical beak, pristine feathers, sturdy feet with equal gripping strength, a clean vent/cloaca, unrestricted wing movement, and consistent droppings.

Why Conures Are So Expensive?

Conures often come with a hefty price tag, influenced by several key factors:

  • Age and Socialization: Younger conures, especially those hand-fed and well-socialized, typically command higher prices. Their extended potential lifespan and increased appeal to prospective owners contribute to their elevated cost.
  • Color Mutations: Conures boasting rare color mutations tend to be pricier due to their distinct appearance, leading to heightened demand and, consequently, elevated prices.
  • Geographical Location: The cost of conures can fluctuate based on your geographic location. In areas where these birds are prevalent, prices might be more competitive. Conversely, in regions where they’re scarce, expect to pay more.
  • Inclusion of Supplies: Some conures come as part of a package deal, including essential items like cages, toys, and initial supplies. Such bundles naturally fetch higher prices due to the added value of these starter items.
  • Breeder Reputation and Quality: The source from which you acquire your conure matters. Reputable breeders offering high-quality birds with desirable temperaments often set higher price points. Birds that are easy to tame and display friendly behavior typically come with heftier price tags.
  • Ongoing Costs: Remember, the initial purchase price represents just a fraction of the total expenditure. Maintaining a conure demands consistent investment in premium food, essential supplies, and veterinary services. Given their longevity, potential owners should anticipate dedicating up to two decades to their bird’s well-being.
  • Demand and Supply Dynamics: Market dynamics, particularly the interplay between demand and supply, significantly influence conure prices. Heightened demand for specific conure types coupled with limited availability invariably drives prices upward.
  • Breeding Pairs: Interestingly, acquiring conure pairs intended for breeding purposes might prove more cost-effective than purchasing two individual birds separately.


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