How to Attract Peach-Faced Lovebirds ( Find Out!)

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Any backyard must have Peach-Faced Lovebirds. They are an amusing source of entertainment for children as well as a natural way to control insects. But your backyard does not seem to be a haven for peach-faced lovebirds. If the answer is yes, then read our best guide on how to attract peach-faced lovebirds.

Most people have a bird feeder or a birdbath in their backyard. Yet you can do even more to improve your land’s overall wildlife habitat and make it a more welcoming place for lovebirds.

The most effective way to attract birds is to meet their basic needs. The three basic factors to attract birds are food, water, and shelter, but there are others too.

Lovebirds also look for a home that meets their physiological needs, as well as a place where they can socialize.

 If you would like to make sure that your lawn is a comfortable haven for lovebirds, then follow our tips below.

7 Best Tips to Attract Peach-Faced Lovebirds

Lovebird Friendly Corner

Getting lovebirds into your yard begins with finding a corner that’s friendly to their presence. You should place bird feeders and baths near your window so that you can watch the birds.

Nevertheless, you should make sure that there is enough vegetation and cover nearby for the birds to feel safe, so they can explore. If your yard has lovebirds, you’ll want to spread out bird food and shelters to keep them busy.

Set up a bird feeder in your yard

There are many things that lovebirds love to eat, including nectar and sugar. Ensure that you have a variety of bird feed available in your yard. The lovebirds eat nuts, seeds, fruits, and vegetables.

Provide all these options but keep the seed quantity low for peach-face lovebirds. A bird feeder with a perch will make it easy for the birds to get food. Ensure that you buy a variety of sizes when choosing your feeder.

Birds can even choose between two different sizes of bird feeders available when perching. Whenever you use bird feeders with perches, make sure that they are tall and not too close to the ground.

This will help keep their bodies away from the feeder when they enjoy watching and moving around it.

Add a Water Source

To attract peach-faced lovebirds to your yard, the next step is to add a bird bath or water source to your garden. As long as there is water available, most species of birds will bathe every day to maintain their feathers in good condition.

You can help birds stay clean and hydrated in your yard by providing shallow bird baths or building a small pond.

Moving water is attractive to birds, so installing a mister or pump that creates fresh, bubbling water will attract even more creatures to your yard. For bird baths or ponds in cold climates, you may also need a heater.

It is common for birds to bathe all year round, but they can be hard to locate during the colder months, so many of them will flock to your yard if you have fresh water.

Lovebird Friendly Garden

Lovebirds will flock to your yard if you plant a garden full of lovebird-friendly plants. Flora, shrubs, and trees native to your area are the best choices for increasing your local ecosystem, as they naturally attract lovebirds.

Moreover, they are attracted to bright colors because of their breeding instincts, as well. The native plants are known to produce brightly colored flowers and berries, which can serve as both a source of food and an attraction for birds.

When deciding where to plant your new additions, keep in mind that birds prefer dense plants and shrubs. You should plant several types of shrubs at different heights, including eye-level shrubs, groundcovers, small trees (under 15′), and larger trees over 15′.

Natural Shelter

Birds love seamless, natural backyards with trees, shrubs, and flowers. Birds need native plant life to protect themselves from predators and build nests.

Plants near water provide birds habitat where they can hide from predators if there is a threat. In the winter, logs and rock in the garden provide birds with protection and comfort, complementing flowers, trees, and shrubs.

Encourage nesting in your yard

Birds love to nest in your backyard, and there are many ways to attract them. You can encourage nesting in your yard by adding birdhouses, but not all birds use them.

You can make your yard the perfect nesting site for birds by putting in a suet cage feeder string, pet fur, hair, and yarn that birds use when they build their nests.

While some birds will use these pieces of equipment to build nests, others will make use of the natural offerings available to them in your yard. Grass clippings, dead flowers, and brush piles can be used as nesting material for birds.

In addition, plants that encourage nesting can help birds by providing them with habitat and nesting sites. Birds prefer to nest in native plants because they are more suited to the climate in which they live and provide the best natural nesting sites.

Install a perching stick

Whether they are resting, preening, or simply taking in the scenery, birds need a place to call home. You can install a perching stick if there are no natural structures in your yard such as trees or bushes.

Installing a perching stick gives birds a safe place to rest and preen their feathers while they migrate. As well as assessing danger, birds use perches to assess the feeder’s safety. Perching sticks work when native trees and landscaping aren’t available.

Place them far enough away from feeders to prevent predators from getting an unfair advantage. Make perches from different materials, or use old branches to mimic a natural setup.

A perching stick provides several benefits, one of them being a chance to set it up in the perfect location so that you can capture a superb photo.

If you decide to use a perching stick, always account for this when deciding where what, and how big to make it.

Final Thoughts

If you are trying to entice a lovebird into your yard by any means, these are the things that you should consider. Just remember to think about the various kinds of birds that are out there, and how they will appreciate your choice.

The first thing you should do before you buy or plant anything for these birds is to find out what kind of birds are present in your area. In this way, you will be able to increase your chances of attracting success and attracting lovebirds to your yard.

Make sure that everything is done correctly, as this will be beneficial in attracting birds to your yard, particularly those that are fascinating to watch.


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