How to Make a Big Cage for Lovebirds (Complete Steps)

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Is it possible that you passed by your lovebirds’ cage, and you found that it was not enough for them? Well, if that is the case, you must also be looking at a large cage for your lovebirds. However, you have never built one before. So how to make a big cage for lovebirds.

In making anything, one can make it in a complicated way, or one can make it simple. To be precise, everyone wants to do their work as quickly as possible.

Based on our many years of experience building cages for lovebirds, we have developed an easy-to-use process. So, stay with us to find this process.

How to Make a Big Cage for Lovebirds

  • The first step is to outline the cage. Purchased the necessary materials such as nets, pipes, and sheets.
  • Besides having a welding machine and a wire cutter, you should also have a screwing machine and a screw.
  • Cut the pipes according to the required dimensions.
  • Now join the pipes to form the base of the cage.
  • Now cut the net according to the required dimensions.
  • Put together all the parts except the net and weld them to get the full structure of the cage.
  • Now fix the net to the frames.
  • Paint it with a primer to resist rust.
  • Make sure the cage has a bowl of food and water at the bottom.
  • Place a wooden box or branch in the cage to serve as a perch.
  • Think about including mirrors, teddy bears, or swing bridges into the cage if you’re feeling creative. Your cage is now complete and you can put all your birds in it.

How to Determine the Dimensions for your Lovebirds

The cage must be as big as possible for lovebirds since they are highly active animals kept in pairs. Ideally, the Lovebird cage should be at least 24x18x24 inches for a pair, and at least 18x18x18 inches for a single.

A long, rectangular cage will accommodate the lovebird’s desire to fly, rather than the traditional vertical cage for parrots.

A large cage will help to develop the muscles of the birds better. Furthermore, it will help in metabolism and growth of your lovebird.

As well, the cage should be sufficiently large to accommodate perches, baths, and toys while also providing enough space for them to fly. For birds, bigger usually means better.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of a large cage for birds?

The bird’s cage must be large enough for it to be able to move freely, have fully extended wings, and also can flap its wings. If you add your bird’s perch, food bowls, and toys, you may have to eliminate some space!

 Is a bed necessary for lovebirds?

It is only when they have eggs that adults sleep in nests – and that is just so they can keep them warm. With a couple of exceptions, they sleep most of the time in trees. If you do not intend to breed your lovebirds, you should not provide a bed or nest for them.


Cages are very important for lovebirds. They should be large enough for them to move freely. You should also provide them with ladders, perches, toys, water, and food containers. So if you are planning to make a big cage for lovebirds then make sure to read our simple guide on how to make a cage for lovebirds.


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