Is African Grey Parrot a Good Pet? (6 Reasons)

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An African grey parrot is one of the world’s best-talking mimicking birds, garnering a good reputation among bird enthusiasts. And it is not surprising if you want to bring one home. You cannot help but be captivated by these magnificent parrots. But is an African grey parrot a good pet?

African grey parrots make excellent pets because of their affectionate nature and intelligence. They’re rewarding to keep because they mimic sounds, learn phrases and bond with their owners.

However, because of these characteristics, they require a great deal of attention and maintenance. Thus, African Grey parrots can make good pets but are not ideal for beginners.

Throughout this article, I will discuss six reasons why these parrots make excellent pets. Continue reading for more information.

Is African Grey Parrot a Good Pet

6 Reasons Why African Grey Parrots Make Excellent Pets

1. Intelligence

According to a recent study, African grays are capable of performing some cognitive tasks above the level of a five-year-old. Sounds great?

African Grey parrots are incredibly intelligent animals that are capable of learning to speak and understand multiple languages.

This makes them great companions, as they can recognize and respond to their owners, even when they’re not physically present.

2. Talking ability

African Grey Parrots are famous for their talking ability. They can learn up to 1,000 words and can mimic human speech with incredible accuracy.

3. Long Lifespan

African Grey parrots can live up to 60 years or more, so they make a great long-term pet. This means that they can form a strong bond with their owners and become a lifelong companion.

4. Playfulness

African Grey parrots are incredibly playful animals that love to explore and interact with their owners. They are known for their ability to mimic sounds and voices, which makes them even more entertaining.

5. Affectionate

African Grey parrots are known for being affectionate and often bond deeply with their owners. They enjoy cuddling and being petted, and many even like to be held and snuggled.

6. Good health

With proper care and nutrition, African Grey Parrots are generally healthy birds. They do require regular veterinary check-ups, but they are not prone to many of the health problems that other pets can develop.


African Grey Parrots are wonderful pets for those who are willing to invest the time and effort into caring for them properly. These smart, funny birds can form strong bonds with their owners and be there for them for many years.

The fact that they can imitate human speech makes it even more interesting to own one of these beautiful animals.

However, potential owners should remember that African Grey Parrots require a significant amount of attention and care, as well as a long-term commitment.

My recommendation would be to avoid this if you are a beginner. It would never be a good idea for a beginner to get an African Grey parrot. With proper care, an African Grey Parrot can make a delightful and rewarding addition to any household.


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