Parrots for Sale in Columbus, Ohio

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In Columbus, Ohio, finding a feathered friend is a joyful journey. Picture this: vibrant parrots bringing color and cheer to your home. Wondering where to start? Well, Columbus has three fantastic spots for parrot seekers like you. 

These places aren’t just pet stores; they’re avian wonderlands waiting to be explored. As you stroll through the city’s lively streets, the cheerful chirps from these places invite you to discover your perfect parrot companion. 

Let’s step into the easygoing charm of Columbus, where parrots for sale aren’t just birds – they’re the promise of happiness fluttering into your life.

1. Petland Columbus Upper Arlington

Customer review:

Petland Columbus Upper Arlington stands out as an exceptional pet store in comparison to others in the industry. Housed in a contemporary building, it surpasses its counterparts in terms of modernity. Notably, the premises are maintained with utmost cleanliness, and restroom facilities are conveniently accessible to accommodate guests and customers.

What distinguishes this establishment further is its amiable and composed staff. The team exemplifies patience and coolness, ensuring a positive and enjoyable experience for all visitors.


In Columbus, Petland Columbus Upper Arlington is like a colorful bird paradise. They’ve got all kinds of parrots – Indian Ringnecks, Lovebirds, Parakeets, Macaws, and Conures. 

It is not just a regular pet store; it is a friendly place where you can explore and find your perfect feathered friend. Walk through the aisles, and you’ll see the bright colors of Macaws and the friendly Conures. 

They are not just selling birds but helping you discover the joy of having a parrot buddy. So, if you’re looking for a new feathered family member, Petland Columbus Upper Arlington is where the adventure begins.

2. Petco

Customer review:

The staff at this establishment is both friendly and efficient, creating an atmosphere reminiscent of a locally owned family store. During my visit, I sought to acquire a rodent for our snake, and I was impressed by the staff’s expertise. Their knowledge greatly contributed to a positive experience, and I express my gratitude for their assistance.


At its stores, Petco sells a diverse range of live pet birds, including captivating parrots. The assortment encompasses various species like parakeets and conures. To ascertain the presence of parrots, interested customers can check with their nearby Petco store. 

Petco offers feathered companions and essential supplies for their well-being, such as bird food, cages, toys, litter, and feeders. Petco supports prospective pet bird owners by offering care sheets and resources. These materials furnish valuable insights into the proper care of parakeets (budgies), covering aspects like nutrition, habitat, and health. 

When deciding on a pet bird, it is crucial to weigh factors like its background, diet, medical history, age, and personality traits. The pricing of pet birds varies based on the species, spanning from $80 to upwards of $8,000.

Through collaborations with local animal welfare organizations, Petco goes beyond sales by facilitating pet adoptions, including birds. 

Apart from parrots, Petco showcases a selection of other bird species, such as the sociable and entertaining Green Cheek Conures. Columbus, Ohio, residents are encouraged to explore the availability of parrots and diverse pet birds at their local Petco store.

3. Petland Grove City

Customer review:

In our quest for a cockatiel, the specific location we visited didn’t have one available then. However, they were proactive and recorded our contact details, assuring us they would reach out once new stock arrived. 

True to their word, a week later, we received a call. Consequently, we welcomed the latest addition to our family, an adorable and affectionate bird. As we cherish this delightful newcomer, we’re currently contemplating a fitting name for her.


Petland Grove City, located in Columbus, Ohio, is a reputable retail chain specializing in a diverse array of pet supplies, encompassing essentials like food, bedding, and grooming products. 

Renowned for its ethical business practices, the store takes pride in maintaining a clean environment and boasts a staff known for their friendliness. Although parrots are not explicitly mentioned in the search results, the store does offer a variety of small animals, ranging from puppies and kittens to other petite companions.

Furthermore, Petland Grove City is committed to sourcing animals from breeders, adhering to high standards of care. For precise information regarding the availability of parrots at Petland Grove City, it is advisable to directly contact the store or explore their website for comprehensive details.


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