Parrots for Sale in MN

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Located in Minnesota, the fall colors paint the scenery, making parrots for sale in MN a unique attraction. These vibrant birds bring joy to many homes with their playful nature and dazzling feathers.

 If you are keen to make one of these colorful companions part of your life, you are in for a treat! Let’s explore the top three spots to buy parrots in MN, unlocking a world of cheerful chirps, friendly squawks, and delightful companionship—all right in your own neck of the woods.

Parrots for Sale in MN

1. Egyptian Parrot Petshop

Customer review:

I visited the store twice, and the owner’s been fantastic! The animals receive excellent care and love. The store is tidy, well-organized, and creates a friendly atmosphere. The owner engages with the animals, teaching them fun tricks and ensuring they’re comfortable with handling.

They are trained to “step up” and respond well to human interaction. I highly recommend a visit to the store, not only to explore their diverse collection of reptiles, birds, and other species but also to gain valuable insights into their well-being. 

The store consistently adds new species while prioritizing the health of the animals. I give a solid 10/10 recommendation for the Egyptian Parrot! The owner generously allowed my friend and me to capture some photos, and here are a few shots of his magnificent animals!


Welcome to the Egyptian Parrot Petshop at 1236 E 66th St, Richfield, MN 55423. This forte lies in the realm of parrots. Here, you’ll discover an assortment of parrot breeds and sizes, inviting you to explore these feathered companions personally. 

This store has garnered acclaim from satisfied customers, commending the adeptness and assistance provided by their dedicated staff. Your avian journey begins here, where the vibrant world of parrots awaits your presence.

Parrots for Sale in MN

2. Parrot Island

Customer review:

I decided to bring two budgies into my life a couple of years back. Upon researching the necessary supplies, I discovered that most stores offered a limited selection of these delightful birds. A Google search for “bird store” led me to Parrot Island. Grateful for its existence, I made the drive.

The proprietors of this establishment are truly exceptional individuals with a profound passion for birds. Their commitment extends beyond sales; they aim to educate, ensuring birds’ specific needs are met for their happiness and health. I contemplated purchasing a light for my bird during a visit, only to be informed that it wasn’t necessary. 

From cages to perches, toys galore, and various accessories, I have purchased a range of items—all guaranteed to be of top-notch quality and bird-safe. The store itself is impeccably organised and clean.

I hadn’t fully grasped the financial investment or the significant amount of quality bonding time required daily. Yet, every penny and minute spent has proven worthwhile. The store’s reasonable prices allow for creativity, enabling the creation of homemade toys. I aim to provide the best possible life for my birds, and the owners are readily available to address any queries.

Building a bond with these intelligent creatures has been rewarding, with each budgie showcasing its distinct personality (I now have five). Parrot Island offers more than just bird products; it’s a haven owned by genuine, passionate, hardworking individuals who generously share their love and knowledge of bird care. This is why I consistently choose to support them.


Parrot Island, nestled in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, is a unique pet store catering to companion birds. Since its establishment on July 15, 2003, the store has gained a reputation for ethical practices. 

Unlike many, it refrains from mass bird sales, emphasizing the well-being of a select number of birds. Parrot Island is renowned for its aesthetically pleasing store, approachable staff, and expert assistance, consistently highlighted in customer reviews.

3. All Seasons Wild Bird Store

Customer review:
Discover a diverse selection of bird seeds and feeders at this establishment! The amiable staff has been instrumental in guiding me toward choosing optimal seed blends, attracting a variety of new bird species to my feeders. Being a member adds an extra perk with the associated discounts.


All Seasons Wild Bird Store, based in Minnesota, is a family-operated business that caters to the needs of backyard bird enthusiasts and wildlife observers. The store provides a range of items designed for bird feeding and watching, earning a reputation for its expertise in attracting birds to residential areas. 

Although there is no explicit mention of parrot sales at All Seasons Wild Bird Store in online search results, the emphasis is consistently on the store’s specialization in bird feeding and watching products. Hence, it appears improbable that the store deals in parrots, as its primary focus revolves around offerings and services tailored for the wild bird species commonly found in Minnesota.


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