Pineapple Conure Lifespan (How Long do Pineapple Conures Live)

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The pineapple conure is a very popular mutation of the green cheek conure, with yellow and red breasts and lime-green wings. Many birds enthusiast wants to get a pineapple conure. But have you ever thought of pineapple conures’ lifespan? How long do Pineapple conures live?

Pineapple conures have a lifespan of 20-30 years. Since it is developed by two other green cheek conures, there are very less chances of finding a green cheek conure in the wild. Therefore, there is no information available on the lifespan of pineapple green cheek conures in the wild. In captivity, pineapples are reported to live for approximately 30 years, but on average, they live between 20 and 30 years. 

With proper care, a balanced diet, and a healthy lifestyle, pineapple conures are expected to live 30 years. Continue reading to find everything thing you need to know about pineapple conure lifespan.

Pineapple Conure Lifespan in Captivity

Pineapple conure’s lifespan in captivity is between 20-30 years. It is very similar to the lifespan of the green cheek conure in captivity. The reason for the longer lifespan in captivity is linked to a healthy lifestyle, a well-balanced diet, and regular vet visits. 

In addition, in captivity, they do not have to face predators. So all these factors help in the longer lifespan in captivity. For such a small bird, this may seem like a long time, but parrots generally have a very long lifespan.

Therefore, you should prepare yourself if you are considering acquiring a pet pineapple conure. Pineapple conures are particularly high-maintenance pets that will live a long life.

Pineapple Conure Lifespan in the Wild

As I said earlier, there is no evidence that pineapple conures exist in the wild. In addition, it is important to note that pineapple results from a cross between cinnamon green cheek conures and opaline green cheek conures, which are themselves mutations of green cheek conures. 

Therefore, there is no information available about their existence and lifespan in the wild. However, if we were to assume that they exist in the wild, their lifespan would be somewhere between 15-20 years. 

The reason for this lower lifespan is linked to predator threats, habitat loss, and food shortages.

Common Causes of Deaths in Pineapple Conures
Viral Infections
Toxic Foods and Plants
Night Fright
Heat Stroke
Cancer Organ
Disease Cancer 

Factors Affecting Pineapple Conure Lifespan

While pineapple conures can live for 30 years there are still some factors that can shorten the lifespan. Here are some common factors:


A well-balanced diet is key for the healthy lifestyle of birds. If you do not provide a balanced diet your pet will suffer nutritional deficiencies and a weak immune system. Any organism with a weak immune system is more susceptible to deadly infectious diseases than a healthy one. 

So, it will ultimately reduce the lifespan of your beloved pet.  Give a balanced and nutritious diet like pellets, fruits, vegetables, and seeds to increase your pineapple conure lifespan.


As a parrot owner, you already know that parrots thrive on large cages and toys. These things are necessary to provide a sense of security and mental stimulation. Failure to provide these things will leave your pet in stress. 

A stressed animal is likely to show feather plucking and is susceptible to viral infections. This will ultimately reduce its lifespan. Therefore, provide a bigger cage with multiple toys to ensure a stress-free pineapple conure.


While there are fewer chances of predators in captivity still you need to be aware of cats, and dogs in your area. If given a chance, they will kill and eat your pet bird.

Secure environment

While the outside cage time is very important but you also have to take care of fans and open windows. Your parrot can certainly fly and it can hit a fan. 

And I don’t have to mention the outcome of the poor soul. Likewise, open windows provide chances to parrots that are notorious escape artists. 

They are prone to many dangers in such situations.  So keep your windows closed and fans off while your pineapple conure is outside of its cage.

Fumes and Smoke

Even after doing all the above things your parrot can succumb to fumes from your kitchen, candles, and cigarette. Parrots are known to have a sensitive respiratory system. 

If your parrot is in a room with fumes from the kitchen, or candles it may die. So make sure there is no source of fumes in your parrot room.

Vet Checkups

 Vet checkups are very important even if your parrot seems healthy. As you know parrots are prey birds and they do not show any signs of illness until it is too late. Bringing your pet to an avian vet once a month regularly will help you to track the health of your parrot. 


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