What Age do Baby Budgies eat Seeds (Complete Information)

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Seeds are an essential part of the diet of budgies. To get nourishment from the nuts, birds have specially adapted beaks that crack the nuts open. The greater question is whether baby budgies consume seeds? At what age do baby birds consume seeds? During the first four to six weeks of their lives, baby budgies begin cracking and eating seeds, toking their feathers, and staying off the ground. While some budgies may require more attention, others may not. They are fully weaned after eight weeks. They will need approximately 30 days to start eating alone. 

How old do baby Budgies begin eating seeds?

As you are probably aware, budgies fully wean at 8 weeks of age. Budgies leave their nests to explore the world on their own. At this point, they can feed themselves independently. In other words, they start eating seeds after they have been fully weaned, but baby budgies are equally capable of eating seeds when they are 4-6 weeks old.

Can Baby Budgie eat Seeds?

Yes, baby budgies like other birds would love to eat seeds. Because baby budgies are smaller and more fragile than adults, they require small amounts of food every day. Seeds and pellets are safe for a baby parakeet as long as they contain as much fresh fruit and vegetable as possible.

Knowing what kind of food your parakeet can eat at a young age is essential, regardless of whether you just brought home a new baby or your parakeet has had babies of its own. To ensure that your baby budgie grows into a healthy adult, you should give it the proper diet. Diets made up of only seeds are highly fatty and low in nutritional value.

Thus, baby birds will grow in size, but they won’t be given sufficient vitamins and minerals that will keep them active. Additionally, there are chances that the birds will become obese and suffer from heart conditions like atherosclerosis, which is common in birds.

Seeds are fine for baby budgies, but only if the seeds are also accompanied by fruits and vegetables. It is not recommended that seeds be the sole food consumed by budgies since seeds are not nutritionally complete.

What do Baby Budgies Eat?

In budgie parenting, adults regurgitate food into their babies’ beaks. As the food is swallowed, it travels through the throat to the crop, where it is digested. This causes seeds and other foods to become mushy slop once it’s stored and partially digested.

When food is in a parrot’s crop, it is covered in crop milk, a secretion from the bird’s crop. Chicks need this milk to fight diseases, balance their digestion, and provide nutrients for their growing bodies.

Both males and females of the species produce crop milk, which is exclusively provided to the chicks for a few days before being mixed with other food such as fruit, seeds, nuts, vegetables, bugs, and nuts as the chicks grow up.

According to research, after hatching, artificially incubated budgies without parents must undergo five months of hand feeding.

Frequent Asked Questions

Can you tell me what 4-week-old budgies eat?

Pet stores carry baby bird formula that can be used for feeding four-week-old Budgies. The feed must be prepared with only boiled water to maintain the highest levels of hygiene. Once that is done, give the food to the birds once the water has cooled.

How much birdseed does a budgie need?

Generally speaking, feeding Budgies 1.5 to 2 level spoons of seeds per bird, per day, in a shallow dish should be done according to their size.

What is the 3-week-old budgie’s feeding schedule?

During the first few days, feed the chicks every hour or two. Your chicks will grow bigger and bigger as the time between feedings increases. Budgies that are three weeks old consume about four meals a day.

Can you tell me how to feed a budgie that’s three weeks old? 

Feeding a chick correctly means following the schedule indicated on the formula label and letting his crop empty between feedings. For the first few days, feed the chicks every hour or two. As your chicks grow, increase the amount of time between feedings. Budgies that are 3 weeks old consume food four times a day.


Newly brought budgies are typically well past weaning and are quite happy to eat almost anything, including seeds. Even if young budgies live at home, they may be able to eat seeds as early as a month old.

The young bird will take advantage of the natural foods available to them when they leave the nest, and be encouraged by seeing their parents eat as well. They should be eating delicious food on their own by 8 weeks when they have weaned from their mother!


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