What Temperature Is Too Hot for Budgies? (How to cool down budgies in Summer)

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Summer months are harsh for us and our pets. Unlike humans, our budgies do not sweat to cool themselves. So, a temperature rise can harm our beloved feathered friends. If you have budgies you must be thinking about what temperature is too hot for budgies.

Well, the appropriate environmental temperature for budgies is 70-85. If it exceeds 85, it will become problematic for your budgie. If the temperature rises above 90 degrees, your budgie will become severely ill. Finally, the temperature of 105 is their final limit after which your budgie will die of heat stress or heat stroke. So we can say that while budgies can survive the temperature around 105 anything above 85 will still be problematic for your budgie.

In this article, I will discuss everything about the budgie’s temperature tolerance, how much temperature is too much, signs of overheating, keeping your budgie cool in summer, and the ideal room temperature for your budgie. So, If you are a concerned budgie owner make sure to read this article completely.

Budgie Temperature Tolerance

Budgie’s normal temperature range is 65-85 °F. Whenever your budgie is within this range he or she will be happily playing around you and its cage.

When the temperature exceeds these ranges your budgie will start showing signs of illness. In case of high temperatures, it will open its wings, and start panting. It will be a sign to cool down the room temperature.

How much Temperature is too Much for Budgies?

A temperature of 104 or above is too hot for budgies. However, it does not mean a temperature above 85 and below 104 will be suitable for your budgie. It is never recommended that you keep your budgie in these temperature ranges.

The best temperature range will always be 65-85 °F. In addition, it does not always mean that all budgies can withstand such high temperatures. A budgie that was living in a cooler area before will not tolerate such a high temperature and will die shortly.

So, what did you learn? Whatever the outside temperature is always make sure your budgie’s room temperature is between 65-85°F.

What is the Ideal Indoor temperature for budgies?

As stated earlier, the indoor room temperature for budgies should be between 65 and 85 degrees. In this temperature range your budgie will thrive. It will eat, drink, and play happily. It is one of the ways to increase your budgie’s lifespan.

Exceeding the upper and lower temperature range will make your budgie sick and if the temperature change is too much your budgie may die.

Signs of Overheating in Budgies

  • The most prominent sign is when a budgie keeps its wings away from its body to let air cool it. In this condition, it has the same appearance as a ‘fluffed out’.
  • Another common sign is open-mouth breathing or panting in overheating budgies.
  • It may show signs of aggression.
  • Dull, depressed, and lethargic
  • Sitting at the cage bottom
  • Neurological Signs like Head Tilting

How to Keep Budgies Cool in Summer?

  • First of all, keep the temperature within 65-85. Move the cage to a cool shady area.
  • Secondly, bath your budgie or sprinkle some water on him, especially during the daytime.
  • Keep your budgie’s water bowl full to keep it hydrated.

Can budgies get too hot?

Yes, a budgie can get hot if the temperature exceeds 85 degrees. It will spread its wings to cool down. You will also notice signs such as panting, being lethargic, showing aggression, drinking a lot of water, and acting weird.

If you see these signs, you should be aware that this is a dangerous situation. Act immediately and cool down your budgie as I stated above.

What is Budgie Temperature in Celcius?

The budgie is a native of Australia and is most comfortable at a temperature of 21°C – 23°C, but can tolerate temperatures of 16°C – 26°C.


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