Where to Buy a Macaw? ( Find Out!)

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Macaws are truly majestic birds and need proper management, care, and socialization. At the same time, they also make an amazing pet bird. You can give a macaw a happy home by purchasing it from a reputable breeder or a seller.

Unfortunately, the majority of macaw sellers are unaware of the basic selling requirements. The necessities of macaws and their living standards are hugely exploited. Breeders on the other hand focus on better well-being of macaws and also provide adoption.

In this article, we’ll go through why macaws are an ideal choice for your home. Of course, you need to put considerable effort into taking care of these birds. If you’re interested in getting a macaw, you should know where to buy it in good health.

Where to buy a macaw

Finding a Reputable Macaw Breeder for Buying

Getting in touch with a macaw breeder is the most suitable choice for purchase. To get this right, look online or from a friend who already got macaw from such sources. There are many reputable macaw breeders in the US that you can find.

The breeders have proper knowledge regarding the management of macaws. They keep them for breeding purposes and so are less oriented towards selling profits. Most of them also collaborate with conservation departments for specie restoration purposes.

I recommend you must visit the breeding facility and see how they are managing macaws. You’ll then have an idea if buying from them is a good option or not. Macaw breeders also have valuable knowledge regarding the bird’s personality and temperament.

The breeding facility also possesses ample records of the bird’s status from the start. You might be able to find the relevant macaw’s parents and grandparents there. Nevertheless, choosing a reputable breeder will help you choose the right and healthy macaw for yourself.

Are There Any Macaw Sellers & Breeders in the US?

If you’re a US citizen, you are lucky enough to find many macaw sellers and breeders. My personal best Birds by Joe in New Jersey. Here, you can find many different macaw varieties in good health and active behaviors.

In New York, Bird Jungle is at 365 Central Park with hundreds of satisfied customers. They also provide macaws on adoption and have the authority to export macaws overseas. Todd Marcus Birds Exotic is a happy macaw place located in Delran.

TC Feathers Aviary is a certified pet bird shop with authentic and pure-bred macaws. American Bird Company is at Falls Church, VA that supplies macaws to any US state across. If you’re looking for a professional breeder, Bird Paradise in Burlington is your must-visit place.

C&B Birds have the best quality and healthy military macaws you can buy. Besides these, there are many more macaw sellers and breeders available. You can spare some time and search online according to your relevant region.

Adopting vs. Purchasing a Macaw

There are many adoption agencies available for birds to provide them shelter and care. Adoption is a better option as it will provide you a noble opportunity to give macaw, a new home.

All of these adoption agencies and rescue organizations hold rescued macaws. These macaws either end up there as a result of mismanagement or because of accidents. Visiting one allows you to spend time with macaws and provide information regarding their personalities.

If you are unable to find a breeder, adopting a macaw from an adoption agency is a good option. This way, your chosen macaw will finally be in a safe and healthy place. Rescue organizations also have a complete health record, unlike conventional bird sellers.

Avian Welfare Coalition is one of the biggest bird rescue facilities. They also provide volunteering services and the adoption of macaws. You can get a chance to volunteer at such a place and find a suitable macaw for your home.

Is Buying a Macaw from a Seller Worth it?

You must watch out for the sellers that are only driven by profits. They don’t take care of the macaws properly for their socialization. If you’re willing to get one from a seller, do visit and note how the seller is keeping the macaws.

A good approach is to look for a pet store specializing in selling macaws. These stores are often run by bird lovers and don’t care for profits in this domain. Their reputation is admired by many of their happy customers and good record of selling healthy pet birds.

However, if the seller or the pet store has a complete record of the macaw, it is an ideal choice. This record usually contains their medical history, parental record, and their overall health status.

Important Considerations Before Buying Macaws

It is advisable that you must have proper knowledge regarding what is important in purchasing a macaw. You can ask some really helpful questions that will give you a clue if the macaw is suitable or not.

The biggest issue a macaw faces is the lack of socialization. This factor ultimately leads to bad temperament and behavioral issues in these birds. Asking the breeder about the socialization status is vital for predicting the future behavior of macaws.

You’re lucky enough if you find a breeder that is only specialized in macaw breeding. These persons not only are knowledgeable but can answer and solve any concerned problems. You can get a better idea of caring for macaws through the breeder’s knowledge and experience.

A breeder is legitimate if he has a track record of the macaw’s origin. This is very important to sort out the confusion if the respective macaw is illegally imported or not. You can make sure of that by asking relevant questions related to macaw’s buying and import documentation.

Final Thoughts

Macaws have multiple varieties and you must make sure your choice is not the endangered one. Military, Hyacinth, and Scarlet macaws are some of the endangered macaw varieties. They are not illegal to buy but require proper documentation and identification.

Keeping a macaw at your home is an amazing thing to do for you and the bird. These beautiful birds are astonishing in appearance and other characteristics. You can get the macaw of your choice from a trusted pet store or a reputable breeder.


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