Why do budgies die suddenly? ( Complete Guide)

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Why do budgies die suddenly

One morning you get up and say good morning to your feather friend. But see it lying in the cage dead. Sad! It hit you like a ton of bricks.

You want to know where you have overlooked your budgie. Let me tell you that sudden death is usually caused by some type of toxin, especially something airborne, a virus, or an issue with an internal organ, which can sometimes be genetic.

We all know that budgies are sensitive as compared to other pets so they need more care and attention. Budgies have fast metabolisms, small bodies, a delicate respiratory system, and fragile immune systems. 

Now we understand why budgies are prone to dying suddenly. But why do budgies die?

Why do budgies die suddenly?

Here are the most common causes of sudden death in budgies:

1. Night Frightening:

When there is no light in the room at night, your budgie may get night panics. The budgie may be unable to see its surroundings or tell if a predator is nearby. However, due to a sudden noise or movement, it’s convinced there’s a real danger present.

Crashing into bars, knocking its wings against toys, and flying into perches can be lethal. Budgies have hollow bones and delicate feathers, so they can be injured or mortally wound themselves in panic.

So, you may find your bird lying in the cage dead. I recommend you provide proper light at the night and place it away from the other pets in the house.

2. Diet:

Whether in the case of humans or animals, balance is the key! A balanced diet and plenty of water are most important for the budgie.

Low calcium content in the diet may lead to sudden death. But keep in mind, don’t leave fruit in its cage all the time.

Eating too much fruit can mess with your budgie’s blood sugar, and ultimately can cause it to die suddenly. Go for a standard seed mix designed especially for your budgies’ diet.

3. Cigarette and Tobacco Smoke:

We all know that these little creatures have sensitive respiratory systems. So, Cigarette smoke is immediately harmful to budgies.

Smoking near your budgie could cause sudden death. According to avian vet experts, it is also recommended that even letting in smoke from a bonfire outside your window may have a similar result.  So, avoid it as much as possible.

4. Continuous Heat Exposure:

Can I be honest with you? Heat is dangerous. A long term heat exposure is the common cause of sudden death in the budgies.

If you have placed your budgie cage in direct contact with the sunlight then it can be deadly. So, it is recommended to keep your budgies away from the direct sunlight or heat of fireplaces.

These little feather friends cannot bear the severe heat exposure or sudden changes in the environment.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if my budgie dies with open eyes?

Budgies usually die with an open eye. Eyes usually also popped open later because the muscles ceased to work. But according to avian experts, if budgies die with open eyes it might be due to paralysis or some kind of infectious disease.

What are the symptoms of bird illness?

You will usually observe some of the symptoms below if your budgie is ill. If you observe any of the symptoms it is recommended to do an immediate visit to an avian vet.

  • Sneezing or discharge from the nostrils
  • High water intake
  • Vomiting
  • Decrease active level
  • Feather plucking
  • Sudden behavior change
  • Spending more time in the perches or bottom of the cage
  • Straining to poop

Final Verdict:

We know what you feel when you lose your feather friend. But stay calm! Access the cause of its death before having a new companion in the home.

Just make sure to give it the proper care and keep an eye on the sudden behavioral changes of the budgie to eliminate the chances of sudden death.

Hopefully, this article will help you narrow down exactly what’s happening with your budgie and if you need a vet’s help. If you want to learn more about the budgies let us know in the comment section below.

It will be highly appreciated.

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