Can Budgies Talk? (Find Out!)

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When you’ve recently added a budgie to your family, you may have wondered: Can budgies talk? From my experience as a veterinarian, Budgie love talking and will sing, chirp, and mimic the sound of the human voice.

When properly instructed, they can mimic a wide variety of words and understand verbal stress. A male and a female are both capable of mimicking human sounds and talking.

The vocal organs of budgies, regardless of their gender, are the same. The male, however, uses this talent in the wild, so he is more likely to speak. Whistling and vocalizing are better skills for females, and they may be reluctant to speak.

It isn’t as difficult as you may think to teach male and female budgies to talk. Since budgies learn to speak when they’re young and developing, it’s a good idea to begin your routine early.

You must repeat new words and phrases to your pet budgies for them to pick them up. Here, I will discuss can Budgies talk and discuss how to teach budgies to speak.

Can Budgies Talk?

A budgie is known for its ability to mimic an owner’s voice, which is why they seem to talk. Many parakeets are only capable of learning a few words, but with enough training and patience, some can learn hundreds.

Since these budgies don’t have vocal cords, they cannot speak. It’s just that they mimic sounds around them like birds chirping or parents talking to their children.

How to Teach a Budgie to Talk

There is no preprogramming for talking in Budgies. There is no guarantee that you will succeed even when you put in the time, patience, and consistency. Think again if getting a talking bird is your top priority when buying a budgie.

You cannot guarantee it will talk. Do you think it makes a difference if my bird can’t talk? Please do not purchase a budgie if you answer yes to the question. If you’d like to have a talking budgie, you’re going to have to work hard.

  1. Place it Where it can Observe you Speaking

They mimic the tones of the words that they hear to learn to speak. Research suggests you should place your budgie in an area of your home where he can hear human voices, such as the living room or family room.

  • Befriend your budgie

To teach your budgie to talk, you must develop a bond with him. Your budgie will demonstrate greater interest in learning how to communicate with you as he becomes more attached to you.

  • Start With One Word

If you want your budgie to be entertained for the rest of its life, you should not repeat the same word over and over. Make sure that you concentrate on one word at a time. Take “Budgie” as an example.

“Good morning, Budgie” or “How are you doing? are two possible phrases. There is a pattern there that your bird will recognize. Speak the word “Budgie” slowly several times.

When his attention is focused on this word, he will repeatedly repeat it in your communication.

  • Use Short Phrase

By repeating short phrases and sentences to your budgie, you can teach him to speak as well as singular words. When he steps upon your finger, you can call him a good bird. When he is playing with his toys, you can ask him if he enjoys what he is doing, or if you enjoy watching him.

  • Repetition and Consistency

The key to learning new things is consistency and repetition, according to scientists. When you teach your budgies to talk, you should do the same. My recommendation as a veterinarian is to speak with it daily at the same time.

If you scold or punish them, they may run away, so please be patient and kind to them. Continue teaching other words only after they have learned the previous word. It is time to teach your bird the names of objects once they know how to say words.

To begin, simply hold the objects and say their names. I would recommend serving them food with the word “yum-yum”. The word would become associated with food.

  • Reward

When your budgie says the word you are teaching, reward it with treats such as grapes, blueberries, and millet sprays.

By rewarding your pet for positive behavior, he will learn that he will receive favorable responses in return. Your bird will be reassured that it is doing a great job at learning if you compliment it with words like “sweet” and “good”.

Can Budgies Talk like Humans

The talking sounds of budgies differ from those of humans. A parakeet can’t pronounce words as we do due to its anatomy. Their larynx, however, is incapable of producing sounds, since they lack vocal cords.

Sound is instead produced by the beak and airways. Their imitation is a result of mimicking the words and sounds we teach them as well as communicating with birds around them.

A myth holds that budgies are intelligent since they can learn words easily, but in reality, they are simply mimicking our vocalizations. Budgies are incapable of understanding what the words mean.

When trained properly, budgies will repeat the words and sounds of their owner and can learn this through triggers, such as hand gestures.

Which Budgies Talk More? Males or females?

There are more vocal male budgies compared to female budgies. In the wild, they mimic the sounds of females to attract mates. According to analysis, their tendency to mimic is more natural and practice is required, depending on the species.

When the male responds, a female will start singing and whistling in an attempt to see if he can copy her. Furthermore, male budgies use song and whistles to signal their territory to other birds. When circling its territory, males frequently sing to keep out intruders.

In addition, females can also mimic a ritual of courtship. Her instinct is less refined because the job is not her primary responsibility. As well as speaking and singing, she prefers other sounds. Whether they are at large or in captivity, male and female budgies can sing, talk, whistle, and mimic.

Male and female budgies are similar in this regard. In contrast, if you’re looking to buy a talkative budgie, you’re likely to find one in a male. Budgie females typically speak only when necessary and are less vocal.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to teach a budgie to talk?

It can take several weeks or even two months to teach your parakeet to talk. Once budgies learn a new word, teaching them others is easier.

Can you train a budgie to talk?

A budgie can become an excellent talker. You may have to work a bit to teach your budgie to speak, but he will develop a deep and satisfying relationship with you as a result.

Do budgies understand humans?

In addition to learning their name, songs, tricks, and talking, they can also sing. Even though budgies have small brains, they can form emotional bonds, remember long-term things, and solve problems. Due to their vocal nature, budgies show intelligence by communicating and understanding with their owners.

Do budgies have a language?

Parrots in the family Budgerigar have long been known to mimic human speech, as members of the parrot family. However, researchers have now discovered that their brains are also capable of picking out abstract language patterns and phrases.


A budgie may learn how to talk by mimicking words that it has heard. Teaching parakeets to talk requires patience and consistency because it is a long process.

Because of this, once the birds know a few words, they can learn new ones more quickly – some species are capable of learning hundreds of words quickly.

The parrot is an excellent pet, and you should consider keeping one. The vibrant colors and pleasant sounds created by these birds will significantly enhance the enjoyment of your home.


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