Pros and Cons Of Budgies as Pets

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Pros and Cons Of Budgies as Pets

A budgie is a small, colorful bird you can keep in a cage-like any other type of pet. Animals who enjoy playing games or conversing with their owners are known to be social creatures. Moreover, this is one of the easiest pets to care for and bond with, which makes them one of the most common bird pets in the United States.

It’s important to know before adopting a budgie that these animals also require time and care to keep them happy. In this article, we will be discussing the pros and cons of keeping budgies as pets. Let’s get started.

Pros and Cons Of Budgies as Pets

Pros of Budgies as Pets

Budgies are considered among the best pets in the United States for many reasons. However, in this topic, we will examine 6 reasons why budgies make great pets.

  1. Intelligent

The joy of having a budgie as a companion is beyond what your imagination could ever imagine. All budgies are intelligent creatures by nature. In contrast to other companion animals, they are not just active, but also communicate what they see.

Through intelligence, they have learned more than 100 words and can mimic voices, tones, and actions. Most of the males are capable of talking as well.

2. Social interaction

The budgie enjoys human interaction. It is common for them to listen to conversations between two people as though they are part of those conversations. Their favorite thing to do is to snuggle on your shoulder.

Pet birds are fun-loving companions, just like other pets. Their body language shows how much they love each other. When you are around, they wag their tails.

They intend to get your attention when you are around. You will gain their loyalty as long as you can keep them happy with your kindness

3. Endless entertainment

Budgies can be entertaining, which is one thing you’ll love about them. Choose toys that are suitable for their cages. These might include ring bells, ladders, and mirrors.

Watch how they play with the toy after you give it to them. Watching them is often entertaining, especially when we see unusual behavior, like when our bird plays with a toy. The mere fact that we have budgies as pets brighten our spirits by simply existing.

4. Long life span

The life expectancy of budgies is longer than that of other birds. You will have an easier time accepting their death as they will necessarily need to rest after reaching their old age. Budgies make great companions for life.

Imagine being able to share your life with them. The world around us is filled with them, from teenagers to adults. It’s such a blessing to have someone who can stand by you through the tough times and the good times as well.

It is not necessary to ask your budgies to have a loyal and caring companion. It is something that comes naturally to them.

5. Travel Companion

You can take your Budgie on road trips, to family gatherings, and to gatherings with friends because it is a small bird. There is never a dull moment when you travel with your Budgie. You’ll have more fun in your car with a budgie beside you.

You won’t be stressed out in traffic with one beside you. Having someone who can entertain us in the middle of rush hour traffic or even in the middle of a long traffic jam is essential. Budgies help make everything better.

6. Boost your health

In recent studies, keeping Budgies has been shown to lower blood pressure as well as prevent depression.

Cons of Budgie as a Pet

Even with these appealing features, owning budgies also has its downsides. Not everyone would enjoy having budgies as pets. You’ll need to deal with some potential problems when owning a budgie. Listed below are some of them

1.Need a Lot of Cleanliness

Cleaning them will be a constant necessity. You should clean your budgie’s cage after 24-36 hours. Droppings will cover the cage, as well as water and food.

Additionally, there will be seeds, cabbage leaves that have been partially eaten, as well as cucumbers, which need to be cleaned twice daily or even three times in cages. It is possible to have a suffocating smell throughout your property if the cage is not kept in an airy space.

Fresh air is needed to dispel the damp, stale smell. You should keep a budgie cage in an airy place if you plan to keep it as a pet.

2. Too Noisy

A constant chorus of songs, chirps, whistlings, hoots, and even screams will be heard. There is no way to turn them off if you don’t feel like talking or just want some peace.

The noise would be an issue if you owned a flock of chickens. If you live in the vicinity of your neighbors or an apartment, you may receive complaints from them. Occasionally, they will be sitting in one place and quiet, but humming or beak grinding may still be heard.

Sometimes, the bird’s feathers will flap suddenly and there will be a disturbance. In most cases, you can see what’s happening from the distance. That’s just how they live.

3. Take Time to Be Trained

It takes a long time to train your budgie to understand cues and to copy human voices. If you want to see improvement, you will need to engage in one-to-one training and engagement.

Investing a little time will certainly yield results, but there is a problem if you don’t have the time. Several budgies can be trained at the same time.

When working eight hours a day, it may not be possible to devote enough attention to just one budgie. It won’t be long before the chirpy bird becomes dull if you do not pay attention.

4. Delicate Health

A variety of diseases and medical conditions can affect them. When the temperature changes, they become ill very quickly. If necessary, you may need to visit the veterinarian.


A budgie can be a good pet for you if it matches your lifestyle and if you are willing to give it ample time to grow and bond with it. I would recommend the macaw or African grey if you’re looking for something larger, whereas the budgie is likely to be perfect if you’re looking for something small and fun.


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